Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Day

Today is a day off for me. It's a day that has long standing tradition in my family (which means that if I don't show up to my mother's house for dinner I will be on the s**t list).

My day will go like this, and it includes a little testosterone for CBW:

1. 6:00 am Wake up, head to bathroom for usual morning ... well you know.

2. 6:20 am Finally leave bathroom after reading half of Reminisce magazine that I have been reading for last 6 weeks ... make coffee, put on hunting garb.

3. 6:45 am Go outside and have a smoke ... realize it is cold outside

4. 6:50 am Go back inside and now put on boots I should have put on before smoking.

5. 7:00 am Fix cup of coffee in travel mug, fix thermos with coffee, load truck with hunting supplies: guns, knives, calls, deer piss, clothes, food, water, seats, stands, radios, etc.

6. 7:30 am Go to meeting spot to start hunt, must wait for everyone to get there.

7. 9:00 am Everyone finally gets there, go to deer stand and wait for the big one to come by.

8. 10:30 am Big chase is over ... never saw a deer or a dog or even a squirrel ... must now leave to go to Cool Breeze's mothers house which is half way across state.

9. 12:00 pm Arrive at mom's for "the meal". Eat a plate of food that has so many varieties of fare that they are piled on top one another in the form of one big mound of what amounts to be some multi-colored and multi-textered casserole ... eat three pieces of pie and some kind of chocalate thing in a bowl with cool whip on top.

10. 2:00 pm Leave to head back across state for home and a little afternoon "still-hunting"

11. 3:15 pm Get home ... go kiss BHE and ask about her day cooking for Friday ... sorry, honey, got to get in the woods quick before the big one walks by

12. 3:30 pm Find nice big tree in woods near deer rubs and scrapes, looks like the perfect spot ... lean against tree and wait

13. 4:30 pm Wake up from nap in the warm afternoon sun, won't be long now ...

14. 5:15 pm Go back to house now that it is dark, put away hunting gear, leftover uneaten food, clean out coffee cup, thermos, etc. ... turn on football game

15. 9:30 pm Wake up from second nap on sofa, get up, take off hunting clothes and go to bed.

Happy Thanksgiving to ME!!


  1. Your day started off ten minutes late. I hope that didn't throw you completely off schedule. You might just have to take a shorter nap in the woods.....or skip that third piece of pie:)

  2. Good luck - hope you get a nice surprise and the Big One shows. Just make sure you have gun in hand!!

  3. Well, that doesn't sound half bad! It's nice to hear someone getting to do everything they want to do on a holiday! I particularly like the nap and pie parts. I will have to re-read this to John! I will have to read it to him, as he is sacked out on the bed unable to move from turkey coma side affects.

  4. My husband hunted all last week with our 11 year old son. A buddy got a 6-pointer, but that's the only thing they saw. My husband blames my son's noisy jacket. My son blames my husband's constant texting to his buddy. Undeterred, they're heading back out this week with bows.

    And about my new hair color: my husband said, "It's not THAT bad." You're a man: translate that one for me!

  5. Deer piss? You said deer piss? That is so funny, and probably an inside hunter's joke. Right?

  6. GJ - It is really doe urine. No joke. The bucks love the stuff. Makes you wonder why so many women where perfume.

  7. You did more stuff in a day thanI would think about all week. Now I need a nap.