Monday, December 1, 2008


Have you ever had one of those days when there were so many things that you wanted to write about and just can't seem to get them down? This is that day for me. I'm new to this whole blogger thing and now that I am starting to write down some of my thoughts, they are starting to pile up in my brain. Maybe it's good to let some thoughts out, maybe it will make room for new material. Who knows?

Our weekend was great and I would love to write about it, but how do you condense 4 days into a few words? Well, maybe I can: food, family, food, football, hunting, nap.
That's close enough.

The phone is ringing at work today, and that is a good thing this time of year (not to mention having it ring at all these days is a good thing). Hopefully, we can weather this storm as long as it may last. We are thankful for the year we have had because I know many who have not had such a great one.

I look forward to putting down some real thoughts and memories pretty soon. I've got some people in my life and some old stories that really need to described and archived for posterity. Here are some things that I will writing about in the future:

The Coon Ass

Painting the water tower

The Camaro



College Days (if I can remember those foggy days)

Oh, and how could I forget about Christmas. (More Charlie Brown memories and Rudolph of course)

Til then ...


  1. I love old stories, they seem to make the best reading. Looking forward to them.
    Kinda late but Welcome to Bloggy World CB.

  2. Oh, oh, oh! Do we get to vote on what your write about next? Cause I totally want to hear about BHE and The Coon Ass, (as I spent part of my childhood growing up in Louisiana).

  3. My first choice would be The Coon Ass...just because it has the word ass in it.

  4. Yeah, you had me at coon ass too.
    I heart BHE already too, would love some stories that SHE would not tell herself. ;)

  5. You women are SHAMELESS. Yes, CB has all of the dirt on me, BUT...he still has to LIVE with me!!! Bwahahahaha! Better stick to the C.A. stories:)

  6. I am just amazed that you are doing this! You are one brave man!

  7. Well you certainly have my attention! I can't wait to read about those topics! They sound like a preview of great things to come!

  8. I very often find myself wondering what in the he!! I'm going to write about, and there is one sure fire solution that works every time: two glasses of merlot. I find that the speed of word flow increases exponentially with every subsequent glass.