Monday, January 26, 2009


Last weekend was the beginning of our new garage enclosure project. Our initial thought was to get all of the crap out and begin the project. I (for some reason) decided that since we were going to all of that trouble anyway, we might as well tackle the attic while we were at it. Heck, all the Christmas stuff was already down, right?

Little did I know that there was a mountain of additional crap up there. Stuff from prior moves and an accumulation of memorabilia spanning over 22 years. Needless to say, we didn't get it all done that weekend.

BHE and I took off from work this past Friday to tackle the now enormous task of emptying the garage not only of what was there initially, but also the additional truck load that had been in the attic.

Here are some pics of all the stuff that could easily fill a semi-trailer (if I only had one). These were BEFORE we brought the stuff down from the attic.

Here is one showing BHE's pile outside. It includes additions from the attic that she has stored in nice containers. (Have I ever told you about her tendency to be a little anal-retentive?) She said we had to move it all and separate it first into three different sections. One to keep, one to throw away, and one to send to church for the annual yard sale (some crap she saw on some show on TLC). This pic shows the stuff we are keeping and in the background is my hunting truck that we were using for all of the throw aways (aka trash).

We got a lot done, but we still haven't finished and my shed is now busting, but there is nothing in the attic anymore and I hope I can keep it that way if at all possible.

We hope that the contractor will be starting this week (at least next week).

I have one question though. How and why do we have so much crap that we hang onto? (sorry ... was that two questions?)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

What's in a name?

Cool Breeze ... circa 1983

Cool Breeze ... circa 2008

Any answers?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Busy Again?

The above depicts a lost practice (and art) in the field of surveying called "Plane Table Surveying". This was done so long ago, I was not taught how to do it.

I thought I would post this picture today to let you know that things have picked up at work somewhat, and that is why I have been without words the past few days. I guess it's a good thing, but I feel have been slacking on my post. What's up with that?

Hopefully, it is a good sign, and if I am failing to post regularly, you will know that I actually have something to do.

Then again, I may be wasting time on Facebook.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Big Weekend

What are you doing this weekend? Well here is what I have in store.

Tonight we will be eating out with the in laws to celebrate my and granddaddy's birthdays. His is on Sunday and of course mine was this past Monday. Did I already tell how we stretch our big days out to more like a season. We're hitting this little rinky-dink seafood place down the road that has the best crab cakes ever. However, whatever I get will have to be broiled this time. It should be fun and we won't be out late.

Tomorrow is another story ... but let me back up a second.

BHE and I have lived in our house for seven years now. I believe she refers to it as Casa de Envy. What she did not tell you is that we live in a very small space as far as houses go. When we bought the piece of land we are on back in 2000, our original intention was to just hold on to it for several years and maybe build in the future. But I could not take the subdivision life after 6 grueling years and had to make a move before I killed someone. I guess I just need my own space.

Being the analytical person that I am, I had to formulate a plan for development for the property. I mean like for the now and the future. At the time, all of our parents were still living and most remarried, basically doubling the potential for us having to take care of someone in the future. My thought was to build something small ... basically an in law suite that we could live in temporarily (a few years is what we figured) and then we could build our dream house in front. Whoever we ended up with (that doesn't sound nice) would then be able stay close, but still have there own little space. It was a great concept.

I designed the small house to resemble what we like to call a carriage/pool house ... with the living area on one side, with a double garage on the other end. The pool would then be off of the living end and the main house would be in front of the pool facing the drive and field.

Can you see it, or have I totally confused you?

Two years ago, we had plans drawn for the big house. We went through the design process for several months until we got just about exactly what we wanted.

Then we started getting prices ...

... so we opted for the pool instead.

Now, instead of building the house of our dreams (the one we don't need since we already have one and the fact that Snow White will only be around for a short while and the fact that spending all of that money on something to show rather than something to use makes no sense at all) we are enclosing our garage and making it into a big family room complete with gas fireplace and big screen tv with surround sound. It still won't be a big house, but our living space is gonna just about double, and that is a dream come true.

Now I can tell you what I am doing tomorrow:


Have a productive weekend.

(Oh, and by the way, all of the parents are on there own now ... no, just kidding. We'll have to deal with that when it comes around.)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Test Results

As I mentioned the other day, I had a checkup with the doctor. You know, one of those things you're supposed to do after you turn forty (and then, forever and ever thereafter).

The results weren't great.

My blood pressure is still elevated. Well maybe "elevated" is not the right term since everyone who checked it gave me this look like I was some mutant or something. But you know, the hell of it is, I was on some meds for 8 months before the test and apparently they were doing nothing other than making me feel like shit (which took me several months to figure out).

Today I got the call from the nurse saying that all of my test results were back. She said the urine test was ok (yeah, I had to piss in the cup, and no I didn't end up pissing down the front of my pants thank you very much). My PSA numbers were ok (which is good since my dad had prostate cancer), my sugar was acceptable (it was 101 ... she said 99 would have been better. No shit Sherlock), but my cholesterol is way too high.


Listen to this though.

BHE and I eat pretty darn healthy, even before this whole diet thing.

I go to the gym at least 3 to 4 days a week and have been doing so for years.

I am somewhat overweight, but nowhere near obese.

What can I do? Should I even worry about it?


Over the hill and trying to push a rope.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Old Friends

One of my New Year's Resolutions is to keep in touch with old friends more. I should say that I need to contact old friends more just because I haven't been doing it at all. I'm sure we all have the same excuses. You know, like "Life always seems to get in the way" or "The kids lives always seem to come first" or " Work is always on the front burner". All of that crap that happens as you get old.

Today, I set up a Facebook page and already have contacted several old friends from High School that I haven't talked to in years. It's great to here from them.

These are a couple of pics I actually found on someones site. Be kind. Remember they were taken way back when and the quality is poor.

This first one is from High School Graduation. I am on the far right.

This second one is from some basketball game. Here, I am in the middle. Don't ask me why we were wearing shorts. Basketball season is usually pretty cold around here.

I don't know if I have ever seen either one of these pictures, ever. Do you think they look 25 years old? You're darn tootin'!

So far, this particular resolution has been a wise one and I can't wait to see what kind of stuff will be showing up. Beware some (or should I say all) of the pictures from back in the day will probably be of the same quality. It really shows my age.

How many out there still keep up with old friends?

Monday, January 12, 2009

Another Day, Another Year

Today is my birthday.

It's number is one of double digits (or should I just say double fours).

Next year will be a speed limit.

I have an appointment with the doctor today for my 6 month checkup that is 2 months late. I wonder what my cholesterol count is now? How about my blood pressure? I already know I need to lose like 20 pounds.

Work is way off right now ... slow, slow, slowest.

But I am not going to let any of that bother me today. It's my birthday and I am going to try to be happy. That was one of my New Years Resolutions.
I hope everyone has a wonderful day. I know I will.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The DT's

Ok, I know all you winers (I mean winos) out there have been complaining about not being able to drink since you all started this diet craze. Well let me tell you, I'm right there with you.

I haven't had a good cocktail since Saturday and it's really starting to bug me. I know. I am weak-minded and am probably a bit of a lush, but dude , it's hard with the whole cold turkey thing.

No, I'm kidding really. It has not been too bad in truth. I'm sure it's all in my mind anyway.

Here is my little "nectar of the god's" that I have been missing all week.

Here's what one of your wino magazine's had to say about it:

Jim Beam Black
Jim Beam Black®
Woodford Reserve®
Wild Turkey®
Gentleman Jack®
Crown Royal®
Jack Daniel's®


In a recent independent study, the Beverage Testing Institute rated Jim Beam Black® highest among leading North American whiskeys for its overall nose, depth of flavor and finish. Every barrel is aged 8 years to achieve a full 86 proof and distinctive character that anyone can respect.

Beverage Testing Institute - Professional Tasting - Chicago, Illinois 2005Wine Enthusiast Magazine rated Jim Beam Black Superb (90-95)/Highly Recommended in the American Whiskey category of the Top 60 Spirits for 2003.

So all of you winos out there quit your wining. It won't be long now.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Slight Change

Now that hunting season is over, it's time for a change.

Here is what I looked like for the past couple of months.

This morning I did this.

Neither Snow White or BHE or my partner at work has said anything.

How long do you think it will be before someone notices?

Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to the Old Grind

AHHH, Monday.

You know, the Monday after you have been off for four days ... one of those Monday's when you really wish you still had another four days to loaf off (I mean get things done around the house).
But no. It was back to work today and I was really not looking forward to it.

It has been a pretty good day though. The phone was actually ringing some and I picked up a small job. (At least it will give the guys a little something to do).

We also had some new office furniture start to arrive today, and something new is always exciting, regardless if it makes me sick every time I think about spending any money during this economy ... especially cash. But we have gradually been getting the office the way we want it, so we figured we would spend a little at the end of the year rather than giving it all to Uncle Sam. It's strange how the government awards us for being in debt and penalizes us for paying our bills and saving money ... but that is a story for a different post.

I am actually looking forward to the challenges that the new year will bring. The bad economy won't last forever, and I am hoping to be ready for the upturn when it comes. Hopefully, we can weather the storm until then. If we could just get that one call, everything will be back on track.

We're keeping our chins up for now and trying to think positively.

Please send some good karma this way, if you have any to spare.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Here's to all of you out there, wishing you a wonderful and prosperous New Year!

Cool Breeze's New Year Resolutions for 2009

1. Try to be a happier person (I have the tendency to not be very content for some reason)

2. Tell my wife and daughter that I love them each day (seems to slip by ... this will change)

3. Spend more time outside with my aging friend, Dodger (my(our) dog who I will miss terribly when gone)

4. Plant flowers and flowering bushes for my wife (she loves them, but I am no gardener)

5. Push myself a bit more at work (I have really become so apathetic about my job ... MUST STOP)

6. Make contact with old friends (life and kids and work and etc. seem to have come between us)

7. Watch less tv and read more (yeah, good luck with that one)

8. Lose that 20 pounds I have been trying to lose for 15 years (yeah, good luck with that one too)

9. Eat all good food (not "good for you" necessarily all the time, but why eat something I can't stand?)

10. Look forward to next half of my life rather than looking back and wondering why I'm wasting time blogging or wondering "what if?"

I also look forward to meeting new friends and maybe, just maybe, meeting some of you.

Happy New Year from Cool Breeze!