Monday, January 26, 2009


Last weekend was the beginning of our new garage enclosure project. Our initial thought was to get all of the crap out and begin the project. I (for some reason) decided that since we were going to all of that trouble anyway, we might as well tackle the attic while we were at it. Heck, all the Christmas stuff was already down, right?

Little did I know that there was a mountain of additional crap up there. Stuff from prior moves and an accumulation of memorabilia spanning over 22 years. Needless to say, we didn't get it all done that weekend.

BHE and I took off from work this past Friday to tackle the now enormous task of emptying the garage not only of what was there initially, but also the additional truck load that had been in the attic.

Here are some pics of all the stuff that could easily fill a semi-trailer (if I only had one). These were BEFORE we brought the stuff down from the attic.

Here is one showing BHE's pile outside. It includes additions from the attic that she has stored in nice containers. (Have I ever told you about her tendency to be a little anal-retentive?) She said we had to move it all and separate it first into three different sections. One to keep, one to throw away, and one to send to church for the annual yard sale (some crap she saw on some show on TLC). This pic shows the stuff we are keeping and in the background is my hunting truck that we were using for all of the throw aways (aka trash).

We got a lot done, but we still haven't finished and my shed is now busting, but there is nothing in the attic anymore and I hope I can keep it that way if at all possible.

We hope that the contractor will be starting this week (at least next week).

I have one question though. How and why do we have so much crap that we hang onto? (sorry ... was that two questions?)


  1. It's not crap! It's stuff just so you know! And trust me when I say..."you are not alone!"

  2. hey! I've seen that show. Clean Sweep I think. I refuse to do the attic, The Salesman doesn't mind though haha. And you've seen my garage. Not cleaning it out, again! Nope, not doing it.

    Looks like you guys are making good progress. I can't wait to see it when it's all done!

  3. You are so NOT alone. We all have it. Imagine having an entire General Store to fill up? :) Luckily me and the fella are both anal capricorns and we keep everything obnoxiously organized. Though I do have a few "junk" drawers here and there.

    Looks like you guys did a lot!

  4. Good job! I can't imagine ever accumulating that much stuff again. I purged almost everything when I friends here in TX (who have no idea what I got rid of), think I need more stuff! I like it simple.

    Umm, that wicker stuff? I do have room for that. yes I do.

  5. I will take the short red grill so I can grill ON the beach instead of walking up to the house!!! It will match my Budweiser coolies...LOL

    Great job you guys!! I am excited to see the progress.

    A truck just for hunting? You are one lucky dude! 22 days until RACE DAY!!!


  6. Dear Lord, even your so called "crap" is organized!!!! I am jealous!

  7. I am one of the biggest pack rats. I may able to use something again. Would you and BHE like to come tackle my garage next? At least send BHE, I need some organization.
    Looks like you two are making great progress. Cannot wait to see finished product.

  8. Do you guys need help? I have been in throw out mode for the last couple of weeks. It doesn't hit much but when it does, you better watch out. I had better love you or need you or you are headed to the trash heap!

  9. Now you need to date each container. Any container you haven't opened in a year should be given away or sold.

  10. Lets just get this ONE thing straight first...YOUR stuff is CRAP. BHE's stuff is stuff. :)
    You are such a man. :)
    we do have the same issue....too much stuff. But I love the way BHE tackles it...she is such a great one....YOU did done good gittin' her.

  11. I always wonder myself how we end up accumulating so much stuff. i dont know why I put anything in the garage...its a death sentence that just means its an item that will be given to goodwill in a year or two.

    Good luck with the remodeling project!

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