Thursday, January 8, 2009

The DT's

Ok, I know all you winers (I mean winos) out there have been complaining about not being able to drink since you all started this diet craze. Well let me tell you, I'm right there with you.

I haven't had a good cocktail since Saturday and it's really starting to bug me. I know. I am weak-minded and am probably a bit of a lush, but dude , it's hard with the whole cold turkey thing.

No, I'm kidding really. It has not been too bad in truth. I'm sure it's all in my mind anyway.

Here is my little "nectar of the god's" that I have been missing all week.

Here's what one of your wino magazine's had to say about it:

Jim Beam Black
Jim Beam Black®
Woodford Reserve®
Wild Turkey®
Gentleman Jack®
Crown Royal®
Jack Daniel's®


In a recent independent study, the Beverage Testing Institute rated Jim Beam Black® highest among leading North American whiskeys for its overall nose, depth of flavor and finish. Every barrel is aged 8 years to achieve a full 86 proof and distinctive character that anyone can respect.

Beverage Testing Institute - Professional Tasting - Chicago, Illinois 2005Wine Enthusiast Magazine rated Jim Beam Black Superb (90-95)/Highly Recommended in the American Whiskey category of the Top 60 Spirits for 2003.

So all of you winos out there quit your wining. It won't be long now.


  1. Um, I have heard stories about people who have snorted a little of that. Heard the stories, right?

  2. My favorite whisky has always been George Dickel White Label! Distilled in my hometown!

  3. How funny. Hubby likes Crown Royal but has only a few conctails a year...I should take a picture of all the new bottles we are storing as gifts from employees and friends over the years.....looks like we are selling the stuff.
    I can't quit cold family depends on me chilling out now and then!!

  4. Years ago, I loved my gin & tonic, and found out that gin had no carbs....yippee!!! Well, yippee if you are on a low carb diet like Atkins.

    After reading your post, I decided to see how many carbs are in whiskey, since I always heart that hard liquor with "color" had carbs.

    This is what i found:

    Food Item: Whiskey
    Food Quantity: 1.5 fl oz
    Carbs: 0g
    Dietary Fiber: 0g
    Net Carbs: 0g


  5. You, Kind Sir, are a true southern gentleman!

    I am craving a glass of merlot or chianti sooooooo bad, expecially tonight.

    There should definitely be a rule about dieting while is a dangerous combination.

    Cheers to you!


  6. I second Marlene on the pms thing. Sorry.

    My idea of a good drink is chocolate milk before bed. I know, I know. I'm a lush. Did I mention it's lowfat?

    That's good, right?

  7. Dudes, I TOTALLY support you all, but I am seriously worried about you going crazy on like day 6 and hijacking a grocery store delivery guy.

  8. I have always been a Royal girl myself although for some reason it became too easy to drink too much. I have never been one for moderation so I quit for about 6 mos. Now I only drink it about once in a while.

  9. This week end will be the test! Usually by Friday I'm ready for a few!

  10. HIIIIIII! Wow you blog-! Wait till I tell the hubby ;)

    Sorry about the lack of drinking for you and BHE- I tell ya what... I'll have a few extra for the two of you ;) I just hope you make it through to SuperBowl- then we can really throw down !

  11. I'm So SLOOOOW...just figured out you are part of BHE! WOWA! I kept seeing your name on comments and FINALLY connected the dots.
    ANYWAY...Occasionally I go for the Chivas myself...Pretty darn Tasty too. (My mouth is watering now)

  12. Grandpa raised me on Kessler's myself. Straight out of the bottle. Kind of makes "one swig a day" pretty easy!!!!

  13. That is my brand of choice, but I'm too cheap to buy the black label and usually get the white one. Speaking of "too cheap" have you noticed how much it's gone up lately? Like $10.00 more for the big bottle in the past year?
    Doing vodka right now... You know, clear liquids are better for you...right?

  14. Happy Birthday CB...I tried to send you a reallllly coool picture...but these little comment thingys will not accept any...(BUMMER).
    SO...HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes all Year long to you!