Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to the Old Grind

AHHH, Monday.

You know, the Monday after you have been off for four days ... one of those Monday's when you really wish you still had another four days to loaf off (I mean get things done around the house).
But no. It was back to work today and I was really not looking forward to it.

It has been a pretty good day though. The phone was actually ringing some and I picked up a small job. (At least it will give the guys a little something to do).

We also had some new office furniture start to arrive today, and something new is always exciting, regardless if it makes me sick every time I think about spending any money during this economy ... especially cash. But we have gradually been getting the office the way we want it, so we figured we would spend a little at the end of the year rather than giving it all to Uncle Sam. It's strange how the government awards us for being in debt and penalizes us for paying our bills and saving money ... but that is a story for a different post.

I am actually looking forward to the challenges that the new year will bring. The bad economy won't last forever, and I am hoping to be ready for the upturn when it comes. Hopefully, we can weather the storm until then. If we could just get that one call, everything will be back on track.

We're keeping our chins up for now and trying to think positively.

Please send some good karma this way, if you have any to spare.


  1. I will send my good karma your way on the look out for my wonderful post tomorrow...if I tell you and not BHE first, then she will KILL me and we can not let that happen....soooooo, come visit me tomorrow and see. that is all I will say on the subject.

    I believe with our in coming president, things will be changing alot for the positive. It may take some time, but all those people who made millions illegaly will now be the ones who will be looking for work.

    Even though it has not been "fun" by any means, the world needed to get a reality check and learn how to live more simply...I am a happier person because of it.

    Great post. Enjoy the new goodies!


  2. we're in the same boat at my office...just one good call would have us all feeling better. Of course, a handful would make me do a cartwheel...but one at a time.

    It will get better...

  3. Good Karma....on it's way. We were thinking we might be doomed too come this January, but a little bit of action is making us think twice....It HAS to get better. Right? can't get any worse. Some new furniture will freshen things up...make you THINK you are making more money. maybe???

  4. Just send me your phone number and I'll call. Probably not "the call" you're talking about, but still! I'll try!
    No, seriously, I sincerely hope 2009 is a better year for you two and everyone else. We need it after '08!

  5. Things are moving slow around here as well. We actually have 3 jobs (which is huge for winter) but each of them have little burrs in the wheels that are holding things up. If we could just get started....

  6. Good Karma, Good Karma and more Good Karma!
    Now thats the right attitude! 2009 is gonna be the year!

    And as far as the spending goes.. you know what they say...(still have not figured out who "they" are yet~let me know if you do!) cant take it with you!
    ps~ whatcha want for your birthday?

  7. Only good karma coming at you. Oh, and send BHE. We can live through our transformation together;)

  8. Dude, I KNOW. I swear I am sticking by my plan to have one grande blog compound in the middle of the country somewhere. (Should I say hello to the FBI now or later?) I didn't write Mike Vogel's script, but I wish I could take credit for it. He cracks me up! And DUDE, we don't normally get snow that's why the SSG and newscasters are FREAKING out.

  9. You gotta love BHE! That's why I asked you what you wanted for your bd =)

  10. I don't know about good karma but will pray for you.