Monday, December 29, 2008


Have you ever had one of those days when you find yourself thinking about some random food that you haven't eaten since like before you had a choice of what to eat?
(Did that make any sense at all?)

Anyway, today, for some reason, I started thinking about a big ol' pot of navy beans like my mom used to cook when I was a kid. She would have some ham bone or just chunks of country ham in a big pot full with beans and all of it just cooked to death. We would always add vinegar to our big bowls sitting at the supper table. I can smell it right now!

It was sounding so good to me, I had to tell BHE ...

She said, "Doesn't that sound special".

Sorry honey, I forgot.


  1. Oh, yeah...that special dish isn't on the diet is it?

    I love me some ham and bean soup, but I can't really taste anything right now other than garlic and onions...which is also what I smell isn't very pretty around here. I am feeling better though.

    I always love to come and see what you are musing about today.

    Love ya,


  2. You butthead. I love me some Navy Bean Soup!

  3. For some reason, I tend to hanker for chocolate. So I think I'll dig out that Caramello I have hiding in my desk....

  4. I love navy bean soup too. So I guess that's not on the south beach? why not? it's vegetables for crying out loud. and wine is fruit.

    that soup would go so daggone well with some of the WPHS or MHS rolls!

  5. I love beans, mostly a nice pot of homemade chili with beans...but beans none the less!

  6. If you are gonna eat that, I hope BHE doesn't suffer tonight!!!!! Bwahhhhhhh!!!!!

  7. The good part about having a mom that didn't cook is that all of the foods like meatloaf or stuffed bell peppers sound AWESOME. The bad party about having a mom that didn't cook is restaurant food always sounds AWESOME. It's a rainy day here in Portland, so that soup looks good! Are you rooting for the Chargers and my boyfriend again this weekend? (The correct answer is YES.)

  8. I thought all diets were supposed to start Jan 2nd!!! We always have my father in law's black eyed peas (with country ham) and stewed tomatoes for New Years day! Yum!

  9. Oh the "Sounds" of Music! I can hear Little T and CdubbleU now playing..."Name That Tune" and rolling in the floor!

    What you guys put us through!

  10. I love some comfort food too!!!!!
    Sounds delish...on a cool day, sitting down to a nice warm bowl of yummo.

  11. Now I want some Navy Bean soup! Really, really want some.
    Happy New Year!